How to gain real followers on Instagram

How to gain real followers on Instagram

How to gain real followers on Instagram  A lot of people are confused by these services and they think that they are going to deliver real followers that are going to interact with their profile, like their images etc.etc.

The thing is that no one online can offer real followers. And you know why? Because they cost a ton. Imagine being a company and you can easily buy 1000 followers for something like 40-50$. Even one of them being interest in your product you made your money back so there is always a catch.

A tip from my experience. Me and other seller can work on the followers you have to make them look like they are doing random things and sometimes like your images. There is a big difference between looking real and being real.

The first one costs less and helps on building your bran and the second one costs a ton and helps you run your business and make a profit from it.

Let me share with you some strategies so you can learn how to gain real followers on Instagram.


Tip #1

Interact with other people in your field.

Your company is based on games. Find people interested in online games and start following them and like their images. Even one person per day learning about your brand its a plus for you. But here comes the FFI (Fake Followers Impact). I will name it like this because i will use it a lot later. Imagine being a games and one company with ton of followers follow you and one with 10 times less followers do the same. Which one is going to attract you more? Easy answer i think.

Tip #2

Post quality images almost everyday

People love to follow someone who makes updates about something they love. After the first step you got your real followers but you need to keep them by posting hiqh quality things that they enjoy seeing. And here comes FFI again. Even if someone follows you if they see that yourimages are getting no likes or comments at all maybe after some time he decides to unfollow you. This is how the world works. If people don’t see someone liking or commenting on an image they hardly are going to do it first.

Tip #3

Use hashtags

Tips-to-get-real-instagram-followers1New fashions comes and go so maybe you are not familiar with this one. If not just do a simple Google search and you will find more about it. Learn the importance of them and how they can drive traffic to your posts.

Find the best hashtags in your niche and dominate them ;)


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George T.