New Service : Beatport Plays

beatport_logo1 Hello everyone :)

I am excited today because after a long period of time we added a new service on our website ( and more are about to come so stay tuned). This is Beatport plays.

The best part of it is that we worked on it because YOU were requesting it and now its here.
Some things that you need to know about the service and the website.

Beatport is a website about music just like soundcloud-datpiff etc.etc. With and Alexa Traffic Rank of 2789 is for sure a great place to promote your music and if you are serious about it you dont want to leave this oppurtunity go away. Its the worlds largest electronic music community.

You can find the latest music and download it in high quality .beatport_1_by_xacention-d5g5n18

But these are just some info for it. You are here to promote your business so you need tips on how to do it. So let me give you some.

As any other website having good stats is what makes the difference from the losers and the winners. Uploading your tracks there and just sit and wait is not going to make you popular and almost noone is going to find you when millions are uploading tracks every day.

With that said a great strategy that works everytime is this

Upload track->paid campaign->Manual promotion

Manual promotion by your side is very important cause its going to blend with our campaign here and everything will look very natural and its going to give you the best results.

You can find our service here and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

We are here to help.

Have a nice day!