Promote Fan Page – Excellent Tips to Promote Facebook Fan Page

Promote Fan Page – Excellent Tips to Promote Facebook Fan Page

Promote Fan pageSmall and medium enterprises or SMEs that have a Facebook fan page can exploit the immense potential of Facebook to attract a large volume of visitors and get followers. Today, the popularity of Facebook has grown so much around the world that it is now only second to Google in terms of the number of visitors. Each day several new members join Facebook. It is therefore not only essential for the businesses to have a fan page but also you must actively promote it. The following tips will greatly help you to promote your fan page:

  • Invite people from your personal friends list to join your page:

If you have segmented the friends list into professional colleagues and personal friends on your Facebook homepage, you can send and invite to the people in the group instead of sending individual invites. This is the easiest way to start increasing your fan base. As you add more in your friends network, make sure that you go back to your list and send invites to the new people you have added.

  • Use the Facebook search option to find more people:

The new updated search feature of Facebook allows you to get a sneak peak of the conversations and status updates of your friends. It even allows you to view people who are looking for services that you provide. This amazing new feature even has an option to search, ‘post by everyone’. This allows you to get a glimpse of conversation of people who you may not know. You can send an invite to your fan page to people who are talking about the kind of services or products you are offering.

  • Use the Twitter Application:

Facebook has a twitter application, this is an amazing tool to promote your fan page. This application allows you to bring your Twitter followers to like your fan page. When you post a new status update or a picture on your FB fan page, the same update will be posted on your Twitter with a short link that brings the Twitter follows back to your FB fan page. This is surely the best and organic way to drive traffic from another source without any hassles.

Another effective way to promote your fan page is to add the Fan box widget to your business website. This widget allows you to share your thoughts with people and gives them an option to become your fan instantly.

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