Refund Policy

Refund Policy is going to provide you with a full refund when and ONLY when :

  • We dont deliver the service that you ordered from us.
  • We dont deliver the service at the given time.
  • For any reason we dont deliver at all.

Refunds are not going to be given if 30 days passed from the day of the order.
We can always work something together with another service in that case.

Network updates are a risk that both the buyer and seller takes.
Also take a look at these two things before you ask for a refund.

Social Networks are making updates from time to time so if an update is running its impossible to us to know when its going to finish so maybe we will need more time to deliver your order then.

Also these are digital deliveries and you as a buyer and we as the seller dont have any protection from Paypal so if you want to recieve a refund please provide as with the proof and we are going to refund you. ONLY with a proof document we can give full refund back.