High Retention Views

High Retention Views

Youtube lately added a new feature at their statistics. Now they are counting how much of your video is watched by your viewers. Its easy to understand that having a big part of your videos watched instantly gives you value and can boost your videos to the top.
Every thousand of videos are uploaded to Youtube and most of them are getting lost instantly. I am sure you dont want to be at that dark side of Youtube.

Benefits Of High Retention Views
Its easy. Imagine you and your friend upload the same video. Your friend has a 30-40% retention rate and you have 80%+. Which one is going to rank easier?
Having more views and especially higher retention views can attract new people to your video. Ask your self. If a video had like 100-200 views, would you check it? No its the answer most of the time.
You are going to look more professional and people will trust you more.
Why choose us
Your videos are safe with us because we work under Youtube policy.
Depending on your package our views are delivered in 2-3 days on average.
We dont need access to your account. Only your video url is enough.
If we are not able to deliver the views for any reason we are going to give 100% refund of your order.

Have in mind that minimum order for this service is 1000 views so if you want to split an order in multiple videos the minimum per video must be 1000 views.

So if you want to get a better number to your stats and promote your business like a pro then this is the service you were looking for. You can give us your video url in the Paypal notes when you complete your order or you can contact us after your order using our contact form here.

If you have any other questions,want to buy a custom package or you want to resell our service feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you.

Check info and delivery time for this item!

By ordering any package you agree that you accept our terms.

High Retention Views

High Retention Views
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