Can You Buy Real Youtube Likes?

Can You Buy Real Youtube Likes?

There are around 4.48 billion users on social media currently across the globe and the average time a person spends on social media is 2hours 25 minutes daily. Surprising! Right? It is undeniable that social media has created an enormous impact on our lives, provided us with innumerous opportunities and the statistics prove that our daily routines have become incomplete without it.

Youtube is one such platform with increasing competition everyday. Today, it is not only a source of entertainment but an efficient business tool.

So, how to engage the audience on your youtube channel? Get real promotion and buy real youtube likes.

1.Content Planning- This is the most basic step for creating any youtube video. Before you start making videos, planning your content is essential. An ideal video must have a good storyline and a call to action. Your viewers must be able to understand what you intend to convey.

  • People of almost all ages are active on youtube, so your content should be valuable for them. When someone comes to watch your video, they should find everything they were searching for.
  • Understand your niche properly and be innovative in bringing new content
  • Follow the trends like other social media platforms, your videos will look outdated if you do not add trending elements to it.
  • You can release a short trailer before releasing a video that will add curiosity among your community and help you to gain more likes and views.
  • You can track the analytics of the time when your videos are most watched. Choose that time for posting new videos.

2.Create compelling thumbnails- Thumbnails are among those few things that the user first notices about your video. It is the preview of your video. Make sure to use a creative thumbnail to attract the viewers.

  • Avoid using an auto generated one, design a custom thumbnail. It increases your chance to get more likes. Spend some time making a catchy thumbnail. You can use different apps for it.
  • It should display your video’s content in an impressive manner and give a sneak peak into it.
  • A good thumbnail should be in the aspect ratio of 16:9 , should not be more than 2 mb, have a good resolution and the format should be jpg, png, gif
  • Use bright colors in the background, with some text over it, you can use a small logo also.

3. Optimize your videos- Your youtube channel should have a lasting impression on your viewers. It helps you build your brand and gain views. Add a good profile photo to your channel with a proper SEO description about your content.

When this is done, it is important to focus on optimizing your youtube videos too.

  • Add an impressive title to the video. It is the first thing that decides if someone will view the video or not. It should be fruitful, that provides an answer to the viewer’s question. Keep it short and simple upto 30 characters max.
  • Next, is the description of the video. The starting lines of the description should carry a strong essence that makes the person go to read till the end.
  • Use keywords in both the title and description of your video. Hashtags are also an essential requirement here. Search for trending hashtags or the ones related to your niche and insert them in your description. Remember, do not create a mess.
  • Add links to your social media handles in the end.
  • You can also transcribe the video. To avoid inconvenience among the viewers due to language barriers or disability, you can translate the audio into text. Upload a transcript that will be added as subtitles to the video. Users can manually switch them on as per their need.
  • Ensure to use proper tags related to your niche to appear in the suggested videos list of other channels similar to your content.

5. Build a community- Youtube provides many ways to create your own community. You can build a community outside as well as on youtube.

  • Promote your youtube videos on other social media handles. You can upload a clip of the video and then insert a link to it in the description.
  • Always encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Remind them at the start or end of the video to do so.
  • Comment on videos of other channels which are related to your niche, so that your channel becomes noticeable.
  • Make collaborative videos with other youtubers. It is one of the best ways to gain popularity on youtube. Someone who has a large audience base can help you to bring new viewers to your channel.
  • Have a conversation with your viewers. Always ask them to comment and like the videos, this will enable you to interact with them and increase engagement. Ensure to reply to their comments.
  • Youtube has a feature to add cards to the videos. They pop up between the videos and ask the viewers to take a short poll based on their preferences. It can also suggest other videos from your channel that might interest them. It is a great way to interact with the users.

6. Enable embedding and create playlists- Let’s talk about one thing at a time. If a person has watched your video till the end and liked it, they might want to view other similar videos too. Creating a playlist of your videos helps the person to view them comfortably in autoplay mode.

Embedding features enables the users to copy the embedded code of your video and share it with their social media handles or websites.

Bonus tip! You can add attractive watermarks to your videos. Watermark is an image or a logo that appears on the video and when a viewer clicks on it, it directs them to subscribe to your channel. It is a great way to increase the reach for your channel.

There are plenty of ways available to buy real youtube likes without spending a lot of money. Above all, your content should be so captivating that it makes the viewers love it and makes them give a thumbs up voluntarily.

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