Buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours

Buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours

According to YouTube: Watch time (or audience retention, as it’s popularly called in YouTube analytics) is the amount of time a video is watched by a viewer. YouTube values Watch time more than view count. Because the views counter counts each page load as a view, whereas watch time cannot be manipulated with refreshes. The audience needs to watch the video to show watch time. Idyllically, videos topping in this metric result in higher overall viewing sessions.

With an enhancement in watch time, YouTube is more likely to indorse your channel through search and recommended videos, which in turn will leads to more views. “The greater your watch time, the more likely YouTube will indorse your channel through search and recommended videos.”

Now that you understand YouTube’s watch time metric! Let’s look at our secret trick that will help increase your total watch time.

Buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours

What is the trick to get more watch time hours?

Before we begin, can you ask yourself; why do I need to get monetized so badly and in short time period? Why not grow my channel organically and get more creative content that people are looking for? To tell you the truth, I won’t answer these questions for you. But I just want you to meditate about it, and get a clear vision of what you are about to do.

In this article, I’m not going to talk neither about all other random advises YouTubers gave. Such as create quality content for YouTube; maximize it on the first 15 seconds; use of relevant titles & thumbnails; and use of long-tail YouTube keywords. But rather going to talk about the hidden secret that most YouTubers use to generate more Watch Time, YouTube Playlist. Yes, you just read it right, the PLAYLIST.

playlist in YouTube is a list or group of videos that plays in sequence, one video after the other. When one video finishes playing, the next starts automatically so you don’t have to click or search to start playing the next video. With the help of “Loop” tool the playlist will keep rolling till you stop it, unless the YouTube “AUTOPLAY“ button is toggled.

Benifits of using Playlist on your YouTube channel

Did you know that you can get more hours of watch time on YouTube although people don’t watch your videos? To be precise, if a viewer starts watching your video and continues watching a playlist (regardless of the ownership of the videos), you will get credit for that watch time. Yes, definitely you will increase your Watch hours from other creators’ videos. Playlists drive potential viewers toward a more linear viewing experience, which will increase your YouTube watch time in a short time.

Before starting, you must know some basics and rules.

So, what’s next? How to nail more viewers then? And how to get to the point of reaching 4000 hours of watch time by myself? Don’t worry, we will explain that step by step, but first let’s learn the basics and get to know some rules.

When I watch my own videos on YouTube, does it count as a view and watch time?

Yes, if you watch your own videos, it counts as a view, and you will get that watch time. But, if you do this again and again within a short period of time and from the same device and IP address, YouTube will stop increasing your view count and therefore your watch time.

If one person watches the same YouTube video twice, does it count as one or two views?

When it comes to watching YouTube videos, clicking through it is not enough for the counter to fire a one count, but it is not necessary neither to watch the entire video. Real views are counted after 30 seconds of playing the video. However, if you watch the same video several times, only one view will be counted, because the cookies in your device will be considered as the same user or returning user.

These cookies with be deleted automatically after 30 minutes, and thereafter, a new session will start, and then a new view will be counted if you do repeat the same process over and over again. But, if the same person has watched the same video multiple times and his views did count, the reason of this could be that he deleted his cookies or he changed browser.

Underline and remember these two 2 actions, we will come back to it later, because it will be the backbone of our secret Trick.

You can always buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours from a trusted service if you want to give the hard work to another person for you.

To what limits can I keep watching my own videos?

So, you have been watching multiple times your own videos, and the counter and watch time are just growing. But, don’t get over-excited because your own views and watch time are counted in an unlimited way. YouTube doesn’t count the first few hours after a video has been uploaded.

Sometimes ago, YouTube had a 301 views threshold, where video view counter just freezes at that number till a real person from YouTube goes and check your video’s content, and thereafter they release the counter again. But with YouTube new Algorithm, they check more frequently all the quality views. That’s why sometimes views and watch time counts are delayed.

Can I really reach YouTube 4000 watch hours by myself?

Well, if we do some mathematics. Let’s assume you got 6 or more videos totaling 60 minutes (1 hour), and you will be watching those videos 10 times (hours) a day on a daily basis from same browser. Meaning that (4000 hours / 10 hours) = 400 days.

To put that in perspective, 400 days are equivalent to 1 year and 2 months. So, you need over 14 months of continuously watching your own videos with the same browser and same IP. Not to mention all the expenses related to internet, electricity, your device, your time and energy.

But, what if we redo the above mathematics differently by increasing your daily watching times from 10 times (hours) to 100 times (hours)? Therefore, we will end up as follow: (4000 hours / 100 hours) = 40 days. So from 14 months you can do it in ⇒ only 1,5 months.

Yes, Yes and Yes, you can reach that number, and I’m telling you, it is tested and experienced and many people are doing this already in groups so why not you. Just keep reading.

Is this against YPP policy?

To be honest, nothing is written in their terms of use and policy. But I’m sure, that you already know YouTube is owned by Google. And these guys are genius, they know everything about Internet and Tech, and of course they know what game you are playing with them (or maybe not).

Just watch any series from Amazon and then go to YouTube, there will be definitely some videos related to that play. Therefore, it is upon your own risks.

Now that I explained above some rules and tried to answer some questions that might be in your head. Let us dive to the core process to get that 4000 hours watch time in short time.

As always don’t forget to not rush things and go slowly with everything you do. You can get the most out of your time while working on your profile if you buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours online.

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